SCHNEEBERGER GrindingHub Highlight 4/7: Next level in user-friendly Step Drill programming with Qg1

A new approach to program Step Drills with SCHNEEBERGER CAD/CAM software Quinto Qg1: Simple, Fast and Intuitive. Read the interview with Qg1 users, live from GrindingHub.

How has the software package changed?
“Programming of step drills has been completely rethought. It only takes a minute to define even complex geometries.”

What are the big advantages over the previous version?
“Previously, every value had to be entered manually, making programming, although performant, sometimes cumbersome. From today, only the main data is entered, and the remaining 90 percent is automatically calculated by the software. The operator always has the option to change this data, making the programming totally customizable. This streamlines the process greatly and reduces the risk of operator error. Less parameter input, less time, better structure and quality”.

How is step management done?
“To define a step in the new version you can choose between Single, Multiple or Dxf. Complex steps can be defined, with radii, chamfers or other, in a no time. Being able to draw it directly on the machine with SCHNEEBERGER’s EasyProfile is a great advantage!”

Besides this, Quinto Qg1 stands out with accurate 3D tool, process and machine simulation.

Come and try it yourself, we await you at GrindingHub in Stuttgart!