100 years of SCHNEEBERGER - the Big Celebration, on Land and Sea. Part 3: After-Party

Team SCHNEEBERGER can celebrate. Until late at night, with loud music, green SCHNEEBERGER cocktail, in the mist of colorful lighting. The party scene transforms the company into a nightclub in a class of its own.

Back in Roggwil, cutting and distributing the birthday cake is the boss's job. In return, the Roggwil staff present their birthday gift: a genuine Pellegrini.

Two professional bartenders juggle bottles and create five selected cocktails, one of them the green glowing SCHNEEBERGER special. DJ Dario ensures a great atmosphere and lots of movement in the Tooling Club. The party people celebrate exuberantly to house, disco, Italo-pop and Turkish folk music.

The sporty colleagues dare to play a round of the special table tennis version called Beer Pong and stay sufficiently hydrated. The appropriate next step is a round of karaoke in the specially equipped room. One room further on, you'll find yourself taking a breather in the cozy lounge with quiet music. The legendary SCHNEEBERGER hot dogs and fancy espresso creations give energy at a late hour.

Alex and Jürg Schneeberger would like to thank the outstanding organizing committee: Andrea, Gamze, Dario, Luca, Oli, Roman and Ruben, as well as all guests for this unforgettable day.

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