BRIANI and SCHNEEBERGER, a 30-year exemplary Collaboration for the Italian Tool Industry

Founded in 1972 in Seregno Italy, Briani s.n.c. became one of the leading manufacturers of router bit inserts. Latest CAD/CAM technology, regular investments in CNC grinding equipment and advanced measuring systems allow Briani to keep the quality of their products at the highest possible level.

Briani is faithful to its corporate identity as an artisan business with an eye to the future. It has always invested in high-end machinery, latest software technologies, employee training and environmental sustainability.

“Our first CNC grinding machine was the Corvus GDS in 1994, back in the days when the Italian SCHNEEBERGER subsidiary employed just over five people. In 2022, the year of our 50th anniversary, we added the brand-new Norma NGC Scara to the machine park, equipped with fast automation and the Qg1 CAD/CAM grinding software”, reveals Fabio Monti, co-owner of Briani.

“For years we have been producing both; small batch of special tools as well as large quantities of standard tools for machining wood, plastic, and composite materials. We invested in a Norma NGC, a powerful yet flexible machine that could process small and large batches autonomously”.

The enormous variety of inserts, as well as cylindrical tools, with various geometries and dimensions, can be ground thanks to clamping systems and software programs developed and made by SCHNEEBERGER. The seven-position wheel changer, the Fanuc Scara robot and the new Vasca NGV filtration system complete the turnkey package of the Norma NGC.

“We trust in SCHNEEBERGER, not only because its excellent reputation in the woodworking sector, but also because of our outstanding collaboration throughout the last 30 years. They have always been present with technical support by qualified technicians at the utmost availability”, concludes Miro Mussetti, co-owner of Briani.

For SCHNEEBERGER it is an honor to contribute to the success of Briani – a company where tradition and innovation meet.

Stefano Santini, J. SCHNEEBERGER Service Italia srl