DEFONTAINE relies on the gear tool grinding capabilities of SCHNEEBERGER

DEFONTAINE is a major player in the market for high-tech mechanical components and sub-assemblies in several countries. Its Rollix product division is a well-known gear component supplier to the wind energy industry.

At its site in La Bruffière FR, Defontaine with 600 employees, has just acquired a SCHNEEBERGER Gemini NGM. It enables them to control and increase its tool sharpening capacity and quality of milling cutters, gear hobs and shaper cutters.

The Gemini NGM is the machine best suited to meet the specific customer needs. Power, capacity, precision and modularity are the advantages offered by the Gemini NGM. The dimensions of the tools, the significant material removal and the required precision are perfectly met by the Gemini and all related accessories: Wheel changer, VASCA filtration, active cooling. The large dimensions of the Rollix milling cutters (380mm diameter) are ground efficiently within the Gemini NGM.

SCHNEEBERGER's Qg1 CAD-CAM software is an important asset for the precise geometric definition of the tools. The user-friendliness of Qg1 and its full 3-D simulation ensures reliable process and guarantees optimum results for complex tools.

"This new process", says Hervé Naud, project manager, "now allows us to safely grind our milling cutters that were previously produced by copying. I would like to thank the people from SCHNEEBERGER and the DEFONTAINE operators for their efficient collaboration." The complete installation of the machine and all peripherals by SCHNEEBERGER is an advantage appreciated by DEFONTAINE, as well as the support, help and follow-up provided by the J. SCHNEEBERGER France team.

SCHNEEBERGER is pleased to be with DEFONTAINE in the service of renewable energy.

Christophe Messin, J. SCHNEEBERGER Service SARL