Economical Regrinding of Large Tools with the Aries NGP+ from SCHNEEBERGER

There is no way around the Aries NGP+ when sharpening woodworking tools: Planing tools, finger joints, shank tools and profiling tools up to Ø 410 mm, as shown in the video.

Having grown with the needs of tool producers and sharpeners, Aries NGP+ offers a little more of everything. Center height 210 mm, more Z-stroke, automatic ISO50 clamping, stable counter point and larger door opening in a still compact 1.2 meter wide machine. For comparison: the standard version Aries NGP is unbeatably narrow at 1m.

The Aries NGP+ is available as either a 4- or 5-axis machine, whereby the 5-axis version completely machines profile tools: Profile roughing and finishing, as well as tooth face grinding. The extensive application spectrum of the CAD/CAM software Qg1 is used.

The simpler 4-axis version is suitable for a wide range of sharpening applications. The profile tool shown in the video is sharpened on the tooth face. An axis angle is set using the manually adjustable C-axis. Sharpening is done in no time at all using the trajectory probe and after defining a handful of parameters.

To our friends in the woodworking industry: Aries NGP+ is your perfect grinding machine. Please contact us for more information.