It fits with SCHNEEBERGER: Fully automated production grinding of interlocking couplings

A single source for interlocking application solutions: CNC Grinding Machines, CAD/CAM software Qg1, repetitive internal clamping and integration of automation robotics at the highest level.

An interlocking coupling enables a strong, high torque connection and is nearly backlash free under alternating load. To achieve this, the physical contact area has to be large and thus the individual teeth manufactured to highest precision requirements. The most common interlocking couplings are Curvic Coupling, typically applied in the design of turbine engines, as well as Hirth Coupling, featured in this video.

The leading application software in the industry Qg1 with STEP import capability gathers the required geometry right out of the tool design software. The process simulation illustrates any optimizations of the grinding path and parameters.

The 5-axis CNC grinding machine Gemini NGM is a highly efficient machine with linear and torque drive motors and powered by a 24 kW (continuous) grinding spindle. The right machine kinematics can be offered: C-Axis turning axis plus internal clamping system in the A axis or alternatively the B-Axis swiveling with the rotary horizontal table for larger workpiece diameters.

Thanks to the high demand, SCHNEEBERGER is expanding the range of large robots. Payloads of up to 35 kg (77lbs) are now available. The yellow Giant loads workpieces quickly and encounters the workpiece clamping to the tenth of a millimeter (0.004”). The Gemini NGM with 60 workpiece stations in the loading arena and a 14 station wheel pack loader represents an automated production cell meeting todays highest standards.