GDX® interface presented by FDPW, ZOLLER and SCHNEEBERGER

The connectivity of CNC grinding and measuring machines has reached the next level. GDX® opens doors to smart manufacturing in the world of CNC tool grinding.

Standardization is an essential basis for any 4.0 production environment. This is where the GDX interface (Grinding Data eXchange) comes in. It enables a smooth exchange of tool geometry and grinding wheel data between various measuring and grinding machines.

All this was live demonstrated in a webinar, organized by the German tool grinder association FDPW. Tool and wheel data bounced back and forth between ZOLLER Genius 3 and SCHNEEBERGER Gemini NGM. The potential for efficiency increase was shown by the following real case scenario:

  • Assembly of two grinding wheel packs, four wheels in total. Data entry in SCHNEEBERGER-Qg1, export to GDX
  • Grinding wheel measurement based on imported GDX data. Export of measured results
  • Wheel pack data transfer to the grinding machine and installation of physical wheel packs
  • Tool definition by CAD/CAM grinding software Qg1, data export
  • Milling cutter grinding on Gemini NGM
  • Measurement of the milling cutter based on imported data
  • Export of measurement results and import to the grinding machine

Have you missed it? No worries, SCHNEEBERGER machines and software are GDX-compatible, ready to be demonstrated by your SCHNEEBERGER sales and application engineers nearby or at upcoming exhibitions.