Insert production: Four sides in one clamping on SCHNEEBERGER Sirius NGS

With pin clamping automation, the Sirius NGS creates ideal conditions for the efficient grinding of indexable inserts. Precise all-in-one machining for grinding processes on profile, periphery and face.

Loading is done with the 6-axis Fanuc robot and two clamping pins, one is unloading the finished insert while the other pin holds the next blank, ready to load. The insert is placed on the clamping pin by the robot inside the loader enclosure during the grinding process, this guarantees a minimal production interruption. During the grinding process, loader idle time time can be used for automatic cleaning or laser marking of the insert. The handling offers a lot of autonomy for medium to large quantities, 2 up to 10 pallets loaders are available. In the video example shown, 324 to 2430 inserts can be fully automated loaded and ground.

Changing over to other fixtures, such as vertical insert clamping, cartridge or anvil clamping is still possible and without restriction. In addition, the established concept of the 6-axis CNC grinding machine Sirius NGS convinces with all linear motors, direct drives, large diameter grinding wheels up to Ø 300 mm, in-process profile measuring and automated dressing. All the needed core technologies, such as the Qg1 software, come from SCHNEEBERGER to perfectly meet the application requirements.

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