Machine-Check: Tool Grinder Aries NGP on the Test Stand

The industry magazine fertigung puts the Aries NGP CNC grinding machine through its paces. The extremely compact and yet fully-fledged SCHNEEBERGER 5-axis grinding machine scores with an extensive range of tools it can grind.

Freelance journalist Edwin Neugebauer recognizes the core values of the Aries NGP: "The four versions, including the T-slot table, offer the customer flexible application options". And always with a keen eye on technical advancements: "The grinding spindles are produced in-house at Schneeberger, they are cooled, powerful and rigidly designed".

The focus of the machine test is on the Qg1 CAD/CAM software. "The functionalities are clearly presented, swiftly activated and one gets to a complete grinding process very quickly (< 2 min) with all the offered functions." "From the database - Toogle - the operator selects from over 800 preprogramed tool grinding programs and with that arrives at a finished program in just three steps."

The Aries NGP achieves pleasantly high scores in the categories of machine commissioning (22.5/25), ease of maintenance (97.5/100), automation (93/100), control (50/50), ease of changeover (47.5/50) and service (69/75).

Read the detailed test report on or the translated version in PDF format.