Precision threaded shafts for drive technology, ground on SCHNEEBERGER Corvus NGB B-type

Powerful 5-axis grinding machine for the production of shafts up to 5m long for top precision - SCHNEEBERGER meets all requirements for small and large parts batches.

The production of high-precision ball screws, trapezoidal roller screws, worm shafts, extruder screws, as well as precision threads requires grinding technology by and for professionals. SCHNEEBERGER guarantees high precision of the pitch over the entire length, as well as constant diameter and profile accuracy. Process know-how is just as important as the control of thermal influences.

The SCHNEEBERGER Corvus NGB impresses with rock-solid kinematics and 30kW continuous motor output. The design of the B-axis version is particularly rigid and the grinding point close to the guides ways. This enables efficient grinding with large material removal. Heat input into the workpiece is minimized with high-flow coolant. Multiple steady rests support horizontally and vertically at any desired positions. The optional grinding wheel changer makes production largely autonomous and efficient. The traveling column grinder is available in five X-stroke variants from 850mm to 4,500mm.

Qg1, the CAD/CAM software from SCHNEEBERGER once again displays its strengths:

  • Automatic generation of the wheel form in combination with machine-integrated dressing
  • DXF import or parameter input for standard flank shapes
  • Numerous options for optimizing the grinding process
  • Process and machine simulation

An awesome solution! Let our sales and application engineers in your area convince you.