Production of globoidal cams on Norma NGC

Zhucheng Zhengxin Machinery has been producing index drives since 2008. The quality and precision of the globoidal cams soon reached its highest level after CNC technology in grinding machines was introduced. Manual polishing was no longer necessary and sales figures soared nationwide.

Index drives dictate the pace in numerous automation machines with synchronised movements. The high-precision cams are at the very heart of every gearbox, since they are crucial for the smooth running and long service life of the machines. It was the invention of index drives that really breathe life into the automation industry and the mechanical parts continue to be indispensable even today.

Zhengxin Machinery has invested in a 5-axis cam grinding machine from SCHNEEBERGER to meet customer requirements for smooth and precise indexing transfer. This was based on the successful normaNGC, upgraded with two high-frequency spindles. The double spindle made it possible to reduce the number of roughing cycles and to add the finishing process without changing the wheel.

A software package of the latest generation is also used here with the Qg1 CAD/CAM grinding software. The already extensive software has been expanded again specifically for grinding globoidal cams. This means that all conventional roller curves for rotary indexing tables can be programmed. ISO code or parameter input, 3D simulation, fine adjustment and automatic grinding programming make the programming work for this complex component a breeze. Multiple threads are also easy to achieve.

Mr. Ma Guljie from Zhucheng Zhengxin is convinced by the grinding results. ‟The surface quality, the precision of the curves and the stability of the process greatly simplify the final assembly of the gearbox,” he declares enthusiastically. The successful cooperation is bearing fruit. This year, the second normaNGC has already been ordered. The two companies are united by their high demands in quality and the constant pursuit of further optimizing processes and products. Thanks to the local presence of SCHNEEBERGER technicians in China, customers can also be assured of technical support at all times which contributes to their success.

Yong Tao, J. SCHNEEBERGER (Nanjing) Co. Ltd.