SCHNEEBERGER GrindingHub Highlight 2/7: New laser Measurement in the Sirius NGS

See the perfect laser profile measurement integrated in the Sirius NGS grinding machine. SCHNEEBERGER thus increases the precision and efficient production of indexable inserts and micro tools.

SCHNEEBERGER integrates non-contact measurement into the Sirius NGS. Easily programmable with the CAD/CAM software Qg1, the freely selectable number of measuring points is distributed on the profile edge.
The laser does the rest. With a short wavelength, indicated by the blue light, it measures particularly precisely. The results obtained in this way enable the Qg1 software to calculate a new, perfectly corrected geometric model of the indexable insert.

Production runs without intervention and guarantees an optimum result. The non-contact measurement is fast, robust and reliable. Product families such as indexable inserts or shank tools benefit from this new technology.