SCHNEEBERGER GrindingHub Highlight 3/7: Fastest robot loading multiplied by double autonomy - the Aries NGP Scara 4P

Presented for the first time, the new Aries NGP Scara with 4 pallets: Same dimensions, double the autonomy! When a new requirement calls, SCHNEEBERGER answers.

With a footprint of less than 2.5 m2, a workpiece changeover time of 7 seconds and an autonomy of up to 600 workpieces (at 3 mm diameter), the new Aries NGP Scara with 4 pallets is the perfect solution for efficient, fully automatic and economical production.

The double-sided grinding spindle with wheels up to 250 mm, the A-axis with 1000 revolutions per minute and the variety of clamping devices for every need make the Aries NGP the preferred choice when productivity is required.

The Aries NGP has already been used for some time by specialists in microtechnology, medical technology and the manufacture of small precision parts. Come and see for yourself at the GrindingHub in Stuttgart!