SCHNEEBERGER GrindingHub Highlight 5/7: Norma NGC Scara, The Gear Cutting Tool Powerhouse

The Norma NGC has often proven its talent for numerous applications. It masters the grinding of a wide variety of cutting tools and precision parts. However, it is particularly well known for one discipline: the efficient and reliable sharpening of gear cutting tools.

The Norma NGC takes on the GrindingHub challenge: 18 gear cutting tools ground fully automatically in a single load. With a machine-integrated dresser, automatic wheel changer and sophisticated handling with a large FANUC Scara robot (payload 12 kg), it is ideally equipped for this task.

Ground in series with the Norma NGC:

  • 3x skiving cutter, module 1.5, diameter 50 mm
  • 3x skiving cutter, module 3, diameter 60 mm
  • 3x shaper cutter, module 5, diameter 70 mm
  • 3x hobbing cutter, module 2.5, diameter 60 mm
  • 3x hobbing cutter, module 3, diameter 70 mm
  • 3x worm gear cutter, module 2, diameter 50 mm

How can the sharpening of this colorful variety of gear cutting tools be used in your company?
SCHNEEBERGER will be happy to advise you.