SCHNEEBERGER GrindingHub Highlight 6/7: High-End Components Manufactured with the Norma NGC

5-axis grinding machines from SCHNEEBERGER have established themselves for grinding a wide variety of precision parts. This will be demonstrated at the trade show using high-precision globoid cams for indexing gearboxes.

For this grinding application, the flexible Norma NGC is configured with two high-frequency grinding spindles.
The lower HF spindle roughs with an electroplated mounted point, the upper spindle finishes with a dressable ceramic mounted point.

The grinding process is programmed completely and directly via the SCHNEEBERGER Quinto Qg1 grinding software. A 3D model from the customer's design serves as the basis, which can be easily imported via the Qg1 interface. Alternatively, the centerline of the upstream milling process (G-code) can also be used to calculate the two grinding paths.

The variety of grinding applications for precision parts is unlimited. Advice on the right hardware and software is our pleasure.