SCHNEEBERGER GrindingHub Highlight 7/7: Maximum precision and productivity with the new Gemini NGM GHP, the Gear Hob Profiling Machine

With the new edition of the Gemini NGM GHP from SCHNEEBERGER, hob cutters with module 0.3 - 12 are profiled efficiently. It grinds carbide and HSS, all common tool geometries, always in optimum quality.

Efficient relief grinding requires dynamic oscillation in the horizontal Y-axis. The drive train is specially designed for this and the moving mass is reduced. In addition, the rake face can be ground on the same machine, to obtain a precise starting base in alignment and pitch.

Maximum tool dimension

  • Clamping length 340mm (between centers)
  • Grinding length 275mm
  • Diameter 220mm
  • Flute depth 35mm
  • Spiral angle ±45°

Two grinding spindles are available:

Spindle ghp25+

  • Module 0.3 – 3
  • Max. rpm 25’000
  • Wheel diameter 27 - 85mm
  • Max. wheel width 40mm

Spindle ghp35+

  • Module 2 – 12
  • Max. rpm 15’000
  • Wheel diameter 37 - 120mm
  • Max. wheel width 40mm

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