The latest trends from the world of 5-axis CNC grinding

New features of the CAD/CAM software Qg1, further machine development, customer reports and background information. All of that, only in SCHNEEBERGER NEWS.

Turning the tides by going full CNC and automation in carbide insert production

COLE CARBIDE of Orion MI USA, utilizes SCHNEEBERGER CNC technology to boost their productivity

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Machine-Check: Tool Grinder Aries NGP on the Test Stand

The industry magazine fertigung puts the Aries NGP CNC grinding machine through its paces. The extremely compact and yet fully-fledged SCHNEEBERGER 5-axis grinding machine scores with an extensive range of tools it can grind.

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Profound Article in ORGANI DI TRASMISSIONE about today’s Requirements on Multifunctional Grinding Machines

«The almost exponential progress of electronics applied to machine tools and the refinement of mechanics and software allow to achieve extremely high levels of precision, flexibility and reliability. As in the case of grinding machines made by SCHNEEBERGER.»

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DEFONTAINE relies on the gear tool grinding capabilities of SCHNEEBERGER

DEFONTAINE is a major player in the market for high-tech mechanical components and sub-assemblies in several countries. Its Rollix product division is a well-known gear component supplier to the wind energy industry.

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Brighetti Meccanica – Manufacturer of high-precision broaches and a pioneer in digitalized production planning

Near Bologna Italy, BRIGHETTI MECCANICA manufactures broaches, for multi edge-, profile and special flutes, and among others, broaching tools for Torx wrenches. For their fully automated production (using Industry 4.0) they rely on SCHNEEBERGER technology.

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Production of globoidal cams on Norma NGC

Zhucheng Zhengxin Machinery has been producing index drives since 2008. The quality and precision of the globoidal cams soon reached its highest level after CNC technology in grinding machines was introduced. Manual polishing was no longer necessary and sales figures soared nationwide.

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Kristen + Görmann, tools systems made in Renchen

SCHNEEBERGER grinding machines are the obvious choice wherever there is a need for a fast and flexible response to individual customer demands and ultimately to the most varied and complex production requirements.

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SIG-TECHNIK sharpens hobs with SCHNEEBERGER Technology

SIG-TECHNIK Werkzeug GmbH in Grebenstein looks back on over 30 years of experience in the field of cutting tools. Through continuous development of machine technology and grinding processes, SIG has been able to establish a leading reputation in the manufacturing of form tools. A second important pillar of the company is the reconditioning of gear cutting tools, such as hobs as well as standard cutting tools, step drills and milling cutters.

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