Turning the tides by going full CNC and automation in carbide insert production

COLE CARBIDE of Orion MI USA, utilizes SCHNEEBERGER CNC technology to boost their productivity

Cole Carbide is the leading manufacturer of precision-ground carbide cutting tool solutions and cutting tool systems. The company was started in 1936 by Mr. Oren Cole and to this day is a successful family owned business. Cole satisfies diverse market application challenges by offering standard products and custom engineered solutions through manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and sales outlets located worldwide.

Cole Carbide is known as an innovative and progressive US based manufacturer of high-quality, close tolerance carbide cutting tools. Their custom-made inserts are mainly applied in the aviation, aerospace, automotive and energy industry. Flagship products include threading inserts, internal grooving tools and more are the corner stones of Cole Carbide tools.

The challenges of the past couple years have offered new ideas and changes; Cole has invested in SCHNEEBERGER 6 axis CNC insert grinders Sirius NGS. New machines have replaced the many manual operations and further production capacity is on the way. The machine quality and automation has enabled Cole to produce lights out 24/7.

The Pandemic and it’s consequences have not spared Cole Carbide, since price increases are difficult to realize, a more efficient manufacturing process is now the company model. Thus, the company emerged with flying colors with the help of new SCHNEEBERGER technology. It saved production cost and increased output as well as accuracy, says Troy Perry Operations Manager at Cole Carbide. The first SCHNEEBERGER machines helped us through some very trying times, so Perry, he is not sure where the company would be today without CNC technology and automation. In specialty tooling sector, the machines have produced highly accurate tools in larger volumes right from start and run unattended 24/7/365 says Justin Rau, production manager.

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Rolf Herrmann, J. SCHNEEBERGER Corp.