Enhanced grinding performance with the new Vasca NGV filtration system

4-stage filtration, massive 175 L/min at 12 bar, precisely regulated temperature control and for the first time with integrated dual-circuit drive cooling. The newly developed Vasca NGV make a significant contribution to the thermal stability of grinding machines.

In order for SCHNEEBERGER grinding machines to meet the highest precision requirements, a multitude of influences must be detected and minimized. These can be of a static or dynamic nature, hardware- or software-related, partly optimized by design, partly compensated, sometimes easy to eliminate, sometimes a little more difficult. However, SCHNEEBERGER pays particularly close attention to one influencing factor: thermally induced deviations.

To achieve thermal stability, heat sources are effectively cooled down and any unwanted flow of heat is prevented. Hereby, cooling lubricant (KSS) plays a decisive role. A lot of heat is generated right at the grinding point, which must be efficiently transported away with temperature-controlled coolant. Clean filtered coolant should be available at all time with constant temperature at a high flow rate.

The quality of filtration in the micro range combined with high-performance pumps has multiple positive effects.

  • Improved cooling performance
  • High lubrication effect reduces the generation of heat during grinding
  • Improvement of surface quality
  • Increase in productivity while meeting quality requirements

The new generation of filter and cooling systems is modular in design; the four filter stages magnetic separator, paper band filter, cartridge filter and parallel cartridge filter can be freely combined. For large removal rates, the optional magnetic separator and paper band filter take care of the pre-filtering process. This is followed by one or optionally two stages of the proven 5µm filter cartridges for maximum filtration performance. Depending on the application or number of machines to be supplied, there are three sizes to choose from - NGV500, NGV900 and NGV1400 with 500, 900 and 1400 liters of oil or emulsion. Minimizing the floor space required, was the focus of the new design. As a solution, the different cleaning technologies are arranged on top of each other. Even the large 1400 liter Vasca filtration and cooling system requires less than two square meters of floor space when fully equipped.

In addition to the purity of the coolant medium, a stable machining process requires constant temperature control. The filtration system can be supplemented with a 9, 16 or 28 kW cooling system. Even the standard temperature control works with an accuracy of ± 1 K, optionally the control of the clean tank can be improved to ± 0.2 K. This central cooling system operates on two completely separate cooling circuits. One circuit contains the grinding process coolant, which is pumped at up to 175 liters per minute at 12 bar. The second circuit cools all machine-internal heat sources. This active temperature control is particularly important for highly dynamic linear motors for their main purpose - oscillation with short and fast strokes. Furthermore, it provides the cooling of the grinding spindle (up to 40 kW).

To monitor the temperature, all NGV cooling systems are equipped with integrated sensors. The display is directly on the cooling system and additionally recorded in the CAD / CAM grinding software Qg1. For extended process monitoring, SCHNEEBERGER grinding machines can be equipped with one or more temperature sensors. All temperature information is available and recorded on the Industry 4.0 software extension. The new Vasca NGV cooling and filter systems round off the range of SCHNEEBERGER's high-quality products and ensure thermally caused precision in your production of precision tools and components.