Globoid cams

Grinding of pre-milled globoid cams from 3D STEP data or G-code program for rotary indexing gears or rotary indexing table gears.

All known shapes of globoid cams can be produced with superior surface quality. The data will be extracted from 3D STEP data or from existing G-code programs. The load-bearing flanks can be modified at the entry and exit areas.

A40 900 Globoidal Cam Gds Movie

Rotary indexing gears

Globoid cams for rotary indexing gears in packaging or assembly machines.

Globoidal Cam For Roller Cam Drive

Rotary indexing table gears

Globoid cams for rotary axes, special gears

Dressing process

Globoidal cams

Globoidal cams are found in indexing gear boxes. These high-precision, purely mechanical components are the heart, or you might say the “brain”, of this type of gear unit.

Globoidal Cams with highest surface quality.

Production of globoidal cams on Norma NGC

Zhucheng Zhengxin Machinery has been producing index drives since 2008. The quality and precision of the globoidal cams soon reached its highest level after CNC technology in grinding machines was introduced. Manual polishing was no longer necessary and sales figures soared nationwide.