Medical equipment

Grinding of hip rasps, femur, biopsy needles, bone saws and dental drills

The graphically supported software and the high-precision 5-axis technology ensures rapid and effortless manufacturing of medical equipment and tools, from the creation of the grinding program in QUINTO Qg1 to the grinding of the first good part.

Hüftraspel Schneeberger

Bone rasps

Bone rasps and hip rasps can be programmed in a single clamping based on a specified 3D model with QUINTO Qg1. The grinding path along the countor will be automatically generated and linked to the operation.


Knee Implant Femur

Femur grinding in a single clamping, based on a specified 3D model in QUINTO Qg1. The number of grinding paths, offset and direction can be selected all along the contour.


Biopsy needles

Biopsy needle formed such as blunt, conical, bevel-cut or with special tips. Oscillating grinding is used with periodic dressing to prevent burr formation. An automatic tool loading and unloading system is available.


Bone saws

Bone saws for surgical use are available in numerous variations and sizes. The teeth are ground from a V-shaped CBN or vitrified grinding wheel. The teeth can be arranged in a straight line or offset; the blade's shape can be straight or curved. Automatic loading systems are available.


Dental drills

Dental drills and orthodontics tools. Profile shapes are read into the QUINTO software as DXF files. Production is carried out with robotic tool automation.

Bone Saw Designed in Qg1, Ground on a SCHNEEBERGER Norma NGC

For many grinding applications, the medical industry relies on SCHNEEBERGER software and 5-axes CNC machines. The CAD/CAM software Qg1 offers both: 3D STEP-model import as well as parameter-based programming of various tools like bone saws, hip rasps, dental drills and instruments.

Burr production with the Aries NGP Production Scara

As diverse the burr tool geometries are, equally diverse are the possibilities in the grinding software Qg1. For applications in the manufacturing, medical or dental sector, the geometries are available with the touch of a button. Aside from the software solution, SCHNEEBERGER offers the complete hardware contingent in the form of the 5 axes CNC Grinding Machine, chucking system and the fastest automation.

Various surgical tools are made by Mectron on a SCHNEEBERGER grinding machine

Mectron relies on SCHNEEBERGER CNC grinding machines

Mectron invests in a SCHNEEBERGER Aries NGP, the compact 5-axis CNC grinding machine.