Gemini Ngm Gemini Ngm 1 Hintergrund
Axis drive

Highly dynamic linear motors

Mineral casting machine bed

Maximum stability for production

Turning axis

Highly dynamic linear axis for profile back off grinding

gemini NGM GHP

The highly dynamic 6-axis CNC grinding machine for relief grinding of hob cutters.

The geminiGHP is the highly dynamic 6-axis CNC grinding machine for the profile back off grinding of hob cutters. Maximum precision is guaranteed with a total of 6 CNC axes, hydrostatic guides with linear and torque motor technology.

The oscillating grinding process is the heart of the system for generating precision back off grinding. Thanks to interchangeable grinding heads, with and without support center, grinding wheels with diameters of between 26 and 100 mm can be used. The high-performance control system processes precise way points along the back off grinding curve, low moving masses and modern linear motors guarantee very high dynamics. The set-up for new tools is supported through a direct graphical operator interface on the machine and is very efficient and user-friendly.

  • Production: gear hob profile, any profile according to standard or special
  • Material: HSS or carbide
  • Diameter: up to 200 mm
  • Spiral angle: +/- 45°
  • Length: up to 250 mm

Numerous accessories for the application spectrum and increased productivity:

  • Dressing unit for dressing profiles
  • Manual or hydraulic tailstock
  • Synchronous pawl system and clamping mandrel
  • Coolant filtration system
  • Exhaust air filter
  • CO2 extinguishing system

Technical Data


X-axis, 430 mm stroke, longitudinal slide, linear motor, resolution 10 nm

Y-axis, 380 mm stroke, cross slide, linear motor, resolution 10 nm

Z-axis, 400 mm stroke, vertical column, linear motor, resolution 10 nm

A-axis, workpiece carrier HSK 80, free rotation, torque motor 400 rpm, resolution 0.0001°, center height 151 mm

B-axis, 270°, grinding head rotation, direct measuring system, resolution 0.0001°

V-axis, 10 mm stroke, second cross slide, linear motor, hydrostatic guideway, direct measuring system, resolution 10 nm


FANUC 31i B5, 5 axes simultaneously

19" colour monitor with keyboard and touch screen, USB 3.0

Grinding head:

Head replacement system, grinding discs from Ø 26 mm to 100 mm, with heel;

water-cooled grinding motor, ceramic hybrid bearing.

5 kW (100 %), 7.5 kW (60 %), liquid-cooled

spindle head ghp25 grinding wheels Ø26 - 60mm, up to 25'000 rpm

spindle head ghp35 grinding wheels Ø37 - 100mm, up to 15'000 rpm


8'000 kg (17'637 lbs)