Norma NGC LD
Large pulverizing discs

Pulverizing discs up to diameter 1'000 mm

Parameter control

Quick programming of pulverizing discs via parameter masks

Motor spindle

Spindle power 10 kW nominal

norma NGC LD

CNC-Grinding Machine for manufacturing and servicing of pulverizing disks up to 1‘000mm diameter.

The CNC grinding machine Norma NGC-LD (large disc) for the production and regrinding of Pulverizing disks, with the high SCHNEEBERGER machine quality, optimized structural mechanics, 30° inclined rotary table and grinding head! For optimal processing of all common pulverizing disks with diameters up to 1'000 mm. Generous working area and wide sliding door opening for loading tools by crane. Intuitive user interface for fast programming of the tools with predefined cycles and sophisticated grinding processes. This allows of the definition of pitch, concave angle, cutting angle, number of teeth, dressing intervals and grinding infeed. All known cutting edge geometries (Pallmann, Reduction Engineering, Orenda, Neue Herbold, Zerma, Global Cutting Systems, Avalong, PK, Wedco and many more) are therefore easily and quickly programmed and ground.

Accessories for the individual increase in productivity:

  • Dressing unit
  • Coolant filtration unit
  • Mist collector
  • CO2-fire extinguisher system

Pulverizing Disc Production, Grinding on Norma

Technical data


X-Axis: 470 mm, Longitudinal slide, roller guide, ground recirculating ball screw, Resolution 50 nm

Y-axis: 390 mm, Transverse slide, roller guide, ground recirculating ball screw, resolution 50 nm

Z-axis: 325 mm, Vertical column, roller guide, ground recirculating ball screw, resolution 50 nm

Z'-Axis: 140 mm, Superimposed manual Z axis adjustment., roller guide, ground recirculating ball screw

A-Axis: Indexable Tool table Ø900 mm, Resolution 0.0001°

C-Axis: 90°, Manual adjustment of grinding head


FANUC 35i-B5, 4 controlled axes
10.4” TFT-Color monitor with touchscreen

Grinding motor.:

Direct drive water cooled grinding motor.
10 kW (100 %), 13 kW (60 %) for grinding wheels from ø 200 mm to ø 250 mm, to 12’000 U/min, HSK 50


6'000 kg


Norma NGC LD