Sirius Ngs Sirius Ngs C Hintergrund
Axle drive

Highly dynamic linear motors

Motor spindle

Grinding spindle power 33kW peak, highest power for the production of large tools with high chip volumes

7-way grinding package changer

Automatic grinding wheel changer for grinding wheel package with coolant nozzle

6-axis robot

Maximum flexibility and autonomy for up to 10 300 x 300 mm pallets


6-axis kinematics with the tool in the center of rotation of the turning axis

sirius NGS

Dynamic grinding with high precision: Perfect kinematic design for grinding profile inserts and other high-precision tools.

6-axis CNC grinding machine with high performance and autonomy for the serial production of turning inserts and profile tools as well as the grinding of high-precision components.

The sirius NGS is the 6-axis CNC grinding machine with linear and direct drive motors for the serial production of all types of profiles. Grinding wheels up to 300 mm in diameter and the associated process stability meet the highest demands for precision. Dressing and in-process measurement guarantee consistent precision, increase the flexibility and enable a high degree of autonomy. The 6-axis robot loads complex parts to be ground on multiple sides into the specific clamping system and can simultaneously carry out additional tasks such as laser marking while grinding the next tool time.

Numerous accessories for the application spectrum and increased productivity:

  • 6-axis robot for loading workpieces with capacity for 2, 4, or 10 pallets
  • Laser marking of the workpieces
  • Grinding wheel loader with 7 grinding wheel packages incl. coolant nozzles
  • Dressing unit for dressing profiles and sharpening
  • Hydraulic tailstock
  • Hydraulic steady rest
  • Collet chucks, turning inserts holder
  • Coolant filtration system
  • Exhaust air filter
  • CO2 extinguishing system

Embed Triangle Insert With Face Profile On Sch

Technical Data


X: 400 mm , Longitudinal slide, linear motor, resolution to 10nm

Y: 350 mm , Transverse slide, linear motor, resolution to 10nm

Z: 280 mm, Vertical column, linear motor, resolution to 10nm

A: ISO 50 tool carrier, resolution 0.0001°

C: 380° Rotation of the grinding head, resolution 0.0001°

A: HSK 80, tool carrier, free rotation, torque motor, resolution 0.0001°

B: 270°, swivel axis, grinding head, resolution 0.0001°

F: 270°, swivel table, torque motor, resolution 0.0001°


FANUC 31i-B5, 6 controlled axes

19” TFT color monitor with keyboard and touch screen, USB 3.0


Fanuc robot, 2 pallets or stack with 10 pallets, each 300 x 300 mm

Wheel loader with 7 positions for 21 grinding wheels

Grinding head:

Double ended grinding spindle, direct drive, HSK 50 with 5 kW (100 %), 7 kW (60 %) or HSK 80 10 kW (100 %), 13 kW (60 %), liquid cooled

Optional: Grinding spindle, direct drive with automatic clamping HSK 50, for wheel loader

10 kW (100 %), 13 kW (60 %), liquid cooled


4000 kg