Workpiece loader

Handling system as a supplement to the machine. High speed, linked processes and large capacity.

The perfect machine-integrated handling systems to match your application;Increased autonomy, yet still very flexible even with small batch sizes. Laser engraving, part brushing or ultrasonic cleaning of the workpieces supplement the machine performance.

Fanuc Roboter 3Kg


6-axis robot, fast and flexible, medium workpieces up to 3 kg.

sirius, gemini



6-axis robot, large workpieces up to 20 kg.

gemini, corvus



Scara robot, super fast for small workpieces up to 16 mm diameter, 100 mm in length and a max. 1 kg weight.


Stack Loader

Stack loader

Pallet elevator with up to 14 pallets, arranged in the smallest of space.

sirius, gemini

Mil Aries Ngp

Loader integrated into the machine

Integrated, economical, workpieces up to 2 kg.

aries, norma