The latest trends from the world of 5-axis CNC grinding

New features of the CAD/CAM software Qg1, further machine development, customer reports and background information. All of that, only in SCHNEEBERGER NEWS.

Dynamic and at the same time smooth grinding process

Live from the GrindingHub, Day 4: SCHNEEBERGER Profiling of Skiving- & Shaper-Cutters to the highest Quality

SCHNEEBERGER once again proves its many years of experience in the grinding of sophisticated gear cutting tools. The complete package around the Gemini NGM Linear also meets the high demands of mass production.

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Worm shaft in Qg1 3D-Import: Selection of the surfaces to be ground

Live from the GrindingHub, Day 3: Grinding of precision components with Qg1!

SCHNEEBERGER has a name in the grinding of precision components. With new features of the Qg1 grinding software, all geometries beyond conventional tool types can easily be implemented.

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Fast robot loading with referencing support

Live from the GrindingHub, Day 2: Sirius NGS, The indexable tool specialist with a new fixturing for grinding insert periphery.

SCHNEEBERGER trade show highlight: The Sirius NGS with Anvil Clamping! The clamping system opens up new possibilities in the highly efficient machining of inserts and cubic workpieces. Precise and repeatable!

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Two of the four SCHNEEBERGER grinding machines in live monitoring at the GrindingHub.

Live from GrindingHub, Day 1: With Umati and SCHNEEBERGER on a direct path to Industrie 4.0

SCHNEEBERGER grinding machines are now even more transparent: The integration of the Umati interface based on OPC-UA makes it easy to read data in and out.

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Machine-Check SCHNEEBERGER Aries NGP

Machine-Check: Tool Grinder Aries NGP on the Test Stand

The industry magazine fertigung puts the Aries NGP CNC grinding machine through its paces. The extremely compact and yet fully-fledged SCHNEEBERGER 5-axis grinding machine scores with an extensive range of tools it can grind.

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The finalists study the challenge; in the background: Claus Wilk from MI Connect.

A μ-sized nip in the middle of the tool decided the GrindTec Challenge

The live finale of the "Tool Grinder of the Year" competition offered more than any James Bond thriller - suspense, emotion, action - plus immense know-how at the cutting edge of technology.

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Award ceremony and presentation of prizes in the FDPW forum

Live from GrindTec, Day 4: And the winner is...

Thank you for visiting us at the show! We are very pleased with the good discussions about your applications and our technologies. The Grinder of the Year competition was a spectacle beyond compare.

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The starting signal has been given

Live from GrindTec, Day 3: Competition Tool Grinder of the Year in full swing

In the competition arena at the SCHNEEBERGER booth, the hot phase has begun in the battle for the title Tool Grinder of the Year. The preliminary round has been completed, and in the second part of the competition, the trade magazine Fertigung and the FDPW will select the over-all winner.

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