Qg1, the CAD CAM grinding software

Developed by SCHNEEBERGER with the latest programming tools in 64-bit standard and valued by users worldwide as the most innovative grinding software.

Qg1 is an open programming interface offering a comprehensive portfolio of applications, flexibility, and precision. Qg1 stands out with appealing 3D graphics and simple operation. Ideally suited for the development of cutting tools as well as for efficient regrinding.


Toogle is the starting point - the search engine and database are a core of the Qg1 Software.

Toogle offers examples of tools, wheel packs and components that are ready to grind and it's getting bigger every day! With Toogle you can create, search for, modify and manage practically everything required for grinding tools in the machine. The simple and logical structure guides the user through the graphically supported menus.

Toogle guarantees to keep your virtual toolbox well organized. Search results can be listed by date, size, diameters, name and material.


The 3D geometry in Qg1 represents the base of innovation. The model will be computed using the entries or the imported data and will visually displayed the result. The grinding process is also based on the 3D model, the grinding tools precisely follow the calculated path and deliver superb results, even with complex tool geometries.


Special tool designs require suitable instruments. Qg1 CAD/CAM enables the free programming of profile tools with a great variety of shapes. The user can chose from a number of different grinding approaches, Qg1 automatically takes care of the accurate positioning of the specific grinding wheel, with an accuracy of 13 calculated decimal places. Qg1 works with any wheel geometry, either from the provided database, parameter or DXF input, as well as with the actual measured wheel profile.

Production control

The concept flexibility is equally found in the programming of the robots. The production sequence can be defined within a pallet - supported with illustrated graphics, batches of different tool sizes can be arranged in any order or sequence. Each pallet can be stacked differently and the data can be called accordingly. Intranet or internet monitoring assure the production success.

NTTE (New Tool Toogle Extractor)

A perfectly sharpened tool with just a few clicks. Using the NTTE function (New Toogle Tool Extractor), after selecting the tool from the database the operator generates the complete grinding program with just 3 more clicks. Number of teeth, number of center cutting teeth and the tool diameter - that's it. Grinding process, grinding path and wheel selection will be generated automatically.

3D machine simulation

Kinematic simulation and collision monitoring from Qg1 provides assurance. All movements and all elements of the machine are taken into consideration: 3D probe, grinding wheels, tailstock, steady rests as well as the tool clamping. The programmer will be alerted to any incompatible components and he is supported in the search for a solution.


As an open system, Qg1 enables data exchange with external programs. Current standards such as STEP, DXF, GDX are compatible, but also your own ISO programs. Qg1 is open for production control. Data import can be implemented via barcode, QR code, via .CSV, text formats, including pallet memory chips.


For experienced users and for challenging tools Qg1 offers the Qreator.

The Clearance Qreator can be used to change the radial and axial clearance angles as well as the hook angle, for each individual element.

Path Qreator for experienced users and for challenging tools Qg1 offers the Qreator.

Path Qreator can be used to define the grinding wheel positioning along the cutting edge.

Probe Qreator enables graphical interactive access to the probing program.

Industry 4.0

Qg1 is ready for your digital business. Whether email messages or the status via Industry 4.0 or IoT server: The Internet of Things has been a part of our software for some time now. The grinding machine provides information about the progress and its current machine status at all times. There is a whole range of software tools available for the archiving and logging of data, providing data output in popular formats such as PDF. The Industry 4.0 server links multiple machines and provides information about the current and statistical operating situation.

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