Broach tools

Broach tools can be efficiently manufactured and economically re-ground on SCHNEEBERGER machines.

Cyl Broach

Internal broach tools

Production aor regrinding of round broach tools, straight or spiral, with a straight or spiral flute. Grinding the gullet space and the broaching tool profile in a single chucking. The tooth groups can be entered individually and in doing so, sub groups are also possible. All relevant positions for producing and regrinding are determined using the 3D probe.

Dsc 0133

Turbine broach tools

Producing and regrinding of broach tools with fir tree profile or dovetail profile for the aerospace and energy industries, with straight or angled flutes. Grinding the gullet space and the broach tool profile per DXF data in a single clamping. Compensation of the profile by means of grinding the back off is realized directly on the machine. Probing the spacing, the pitch, the cutting angle and the profile shape is also possible right on the machine.

Aussenräumwerkzeug Schneeberger

External broach tools

Production or regrinding of broach tools for external broach. Prismatic, square, with corner radii, semi-circular convex or concave, with straight or shear angle flutes. Grinding the gullet space, the clearance angle and the broach tool profile with or without chip breaker all in a single clamping.