Efficient manufacturing as well as economical re-grinding of all drills on SCHNEEBERGER machines.

Comprehensive standards with the programming and with the grinding of all popular shapes of: Drills, step drills, lance drills, center drills, gun drills, counterbores and many more.

Programs that are ready to use for grinding are provided for all types of drills. With just a few steps, these can be edited for the specific geometries and process parameters and compiled for the desired drill.

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Manufacturing and regrinding standard and high-performance drills is very simple with Qg1. A comprehensive database with popular drill types guides the user step-by-step to the finished product. Re-sharpening can be completed in just a few steps. The integrated wheel shape calculation function can be used directly on the machine for grinding drill flutes.

Stufenbohrer Schneeberger

Step drills

Standard or subland step drills with an almost limitless number of steps. The drill editor shows the 3D contour in real-time. With subland drills, each step can be programed with its own hook angle and step geometry. Alongside a selection of step configurations, DXF formats can also be read in. Then, the step drill can be enhanced with a specific drill point.


Profile drill

Custom profile drill with spiral or axial angle. Drill point can be selected and can be either sharp, or with a K-Land chamfer or radius edge. The profile and the steps are created via a dedicated DXF or operator parameter input. Complete machining including cylindrical margin.


Center drill

Produce or re-sharpen center drill efficiently in accordance with manufacturer's specifications or operator program, with just a few clicks.


Deep-hole drills, gun drills

Facet grinding the front, probing the coolant holes and the concentricity; unlimited length thanks to the large through hole in the dividing head. Production and regrinding.



Produce or re-sharpen pilot counter sink, countersink and center drill in accordance with manufacturer specification or operator program.


Annular Cutters, Hole Saw

Complete machining of these geometrically interesting tools in accordance with manufacturer-specific specifications for production and re-sharpening.