Gear manufacturing tools

Production and regrinding of gear manufacturing tools with SCHNEEBERGER. Rapid, precise and secure.

Whether DIN/ISO or ANSI/AGMA or customer-specific - Quinto Qg1 rises to the challenge.


Sharpening Hobs

Regrinding at the hob face of module 0.1 to 40 mm for hobbing cutters and worm gear hobs. Calculation of the crowning for tools with spiral angle. Dressing of the grinding wheels directly on the machine. Measurement of the hobb before and after grinding per DIN 3968 or ANSI/AGMA incl. measurement report.


Profiling hobs

Manufacturing of hobs of module 0.1 - 40 mm with logarithmic or Archimedean relief, back off grinding. Calculation of the grinding wheel shape and the dressing of vitrified, CBN or diamond wheels directly on the machine. Tooth forms according DIN 3968/ 8002 or special shapes are possible. Gemini GHP has a High-Speed Machining mode (HSM).

Shaper Cutter Sharpening

Sharpening shaper cutters

Sharpening the face on shaper cutters or spiral shaper cutter. Straight and stepped shaper cutters can be reground on all universal SCHNEEBERGER machines. Very easy programming with just a few inputs. Several grinding strategies, with cup wheels, angled or straight grinding wheels, offer flexibility and the best surface qualities.

Shaper Cutter Profiling

Profiling shaper cutters

Profiling shaper cutters or spiral shaper with straight or spiral configuration. The calculation of the tooth profile and the wheel shape is possible directly on the machine. Grinding involutes or custom profiles in oscillating grinding.

Stick Blades

Bevel Gear sticks

Production per "summary data", parameter entry or per DXF as well as grinding the cutting surface. Thanks to the open structure of the software, almost any possible geometry can be ground.

Crown Cutter

Solid Bevel gear hob

Regrinding: Probing the inner and outer profile teeth. Regrinding both tooth groups in one program and with a single clamping.

Profiling: Parameter entry and Grind path import for computing the grinding path. Grinding wheel shape computation and dressing directly on the machine. Single or multi-spindle process for very small and also very large tools.