Efficient manufacturing of all shapes of turning inserts on SCHNEEBERGER machines.

With QUINTO Qg1, SCHNEEBERGER provides comprehensive intelligence for the grinding of all shapes of turning inserts.
Powerful software tools support both experts and less experienced users with the creation of complex turning inserts.

Insert Family


All shapes per DIN/ISO 1832 as well as special shapes.
Straight clearances are generated in oscillating grinding. Any profile shapes, surface types and chip breaker. Automatic calculation of the profile distortion according chip breaker geometry. Comprehensive database with examples, simulation of the grinding path.

Boring Bits

Interchangeable points

Interchangeable points for drilling and milling tools.
Ball nose, radius cutter, spade drill and high-performance drill.


Boring bars

Tools for production of internal threads or bearing seats for example. Profiling standard forms for thread, grooves or recesses. Free profiling via DXF. Manufacturing of the tool with profile, clearance, cutting surface and eccentric tool shaft in a single clamping.