Threading tools

Thread-cutting tools can be efficiently manufactured and economically re-ground on SCHNEEBERGER machines.

Threading tools per DIN/ANSI or customer-specific. Metric or imperial threads. Trapezoidal, round and saw tooth.

Spiral Taps - 3D Simulation Qg1


For HSS or carbide tools. Complete machining of thread profile, flute and start point in one clamping. Calculation of the grinding wheel shape for flutes directly on the machine. Optimum thread grinding thanks to linear motors and a 400 mm profile wheel.
The thread will be ground both in single and multiple form grinding processes.

Forming Tap - 3D Simulation Qg1

Forming taps

Forming HSS or carbide taps for creating threads without cutting. Complete machining of threaded profile and lubricating flutes in one clamping. Parameter entry for the thread form and the eccentricity or as an alternative as DXF import. Immediately visible in 3D modelling and process simulation.

Thread Milling Cutter

Thread mills

Thread mills made of carbide are used in todays thread production on CNC machines. Drilling, countersinking, back countersinking and thread cutting are merged into one tool here. The thread is ground using a radius wheel in accordance with the DXF profile or by use of a profiled wheel.