Wood and composite

All wood and plastic processing tools can be efficiently manufactured and economically re-ground on SCHNEEBERGER machines.

SCHNEEBERGER has many years of experience and expertise in the grinding of all popular tools for wood, plastic and fiber composites. Whether planer heads, end mills and granulate cutters, wood and floor/wall plug drills, dovetail cutters, profile cutters and router bits, Qg1 can do it all!

Up Down Fraeser Schneeberger

Up-down cutter, compression tool

Tools for fiber reinforced materials and wood, up spiral and spiral cutting. Complete grinding on flutes and clearances. Various examples with different diameters and helix angles are available in Toogle and can be used for grinding immediately.

A16 222

Router Bits for the wood industry

Profiling and sharpening cutters with a bore and routers, accordance a DXF file, compensating for axial, shear and hook angle.Probing programs for several wing groups with individual hook and axial-angles.


Finger joint and mini finger joint cutters

Production in contour grinding or, alternatively, in full form with profiled grinding wheels. Complete machining, including grinding for the tooth face. Re-grinding with probed concentricity.

Duebelbohrer Schneeberger

Drills for the wood industry

Wall/floor dowel drill, also available as step drills, brad point drills or drilling bits. Production or regrinding to manufacturer's specifications.

Profilmesser Schneeberger

Profile inserts, wood industry

Profile definition per DXF file and the parameters of the cutter head. Effective standard grinding paths calculation as well as graphical interface for special inserts.

Hobelkopf In Maschine

Planer heads

Planer head re-grinding with finger support and including integrated coolant nozzle for high-precision concentricity.

Roughing Mill

Roughing cutter

End mills for high stock removal, facet clearance or radially relief-ground. With or without helical flutes. The roughing form can be manufactured with a standard wheel or a profile wheel.