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Tool grinding machines and state-of-the-art systems equipped with the latest robotics and software technology. The production of high-precision parts tools is taken care of by highly trained specialists with the latest equipment. Engineers develop new processes, software and create innovative mechanical concepts. ERP, planning and logistics form the basis of the production.

As an employer, we consider progressive employment conditions, excellent social benefits and flexible working hours to be part of our success.

With us you can put your experience to work and can always learn something new. We have variety of tasks for professionals and academics. Complex assignments make the everyday work diverse and motivational. You will find the working environment here to be everything you had hoped for!


The Swissmem jobs are future oriented and today's apprenticeships are already aligned for the requirements of tomorrow. Countless continues education and training options open up very promising carrier possibilities. The international focus of our industry opens up the world for you!


Career news

The newly developed step drill on the Aries NGP

SCHNEEBERGER GrindingHub Highlight 4/7: Next level in user-friendly Step Drill programming with Qg1

A new approach to program Step Drills with SCHNEEBERGER CAD/CAM software Quinto Qg1: Simple, Fast and Intuitive. Read the interview with Qg1 users, live from GrindingHub.

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SCHNEEBERGER GrindingHub Highlight 3/7: Fastest robot loading multiplied by double autonomy - the Aries NGP Scara 4P

Presented for the first time, the new Aries NGP Scara with 4 pallets: Same dimensions, double the autonomy! When a new requirement calls, SCHNEEBERGER answers.

Non contact measurement with the Sirius NGS

SCHNEEBERGER GrindingHub Highlight 2/7: New laser Measurement in the Sirius NGS

See the perfect laser profile measurement integrated in the Sirius NGS grinding machine. SCHNEEBERGER thus increases the precision and efficient production of indexable inserts and micro tools.