Live from EMO, Day 4: Close to Perfect Production of Profiled Inserts with Laser Measurement on the Sirius NGS

SCHNEEBERGER adds a new Ace to its famous Sirius NGS grinding machine for the production of high-precision inserts and micro tools: the integration of the Renishaw NC4+ non-contact measurement increases its precision once again.

For the first time SCHNEEBERGER integrates non-contact profile measurement on a Sirius NGS. Easily programmable with Qg1 CAD/CAM software, the freely selectable number of measuring points is distributed on the profile edge. The laser does the rest. With a short wavelength, evident from the blue light, it measures precisely on the next level. The results obtained enable Qg1 software to calculate a new, perfectly corrected geometric model of the insert. Production runs without human intervention and with the guarantee of an optimal result. Non-contact tool measurement is fast, robust and reliable. Tool families such as inserts and shank tools benefit from this new technology.

The solid base of the Sirius NGS with 6 direct-drive CNC axes enables efficient production of a large number of precision parts and cutting tools. All types of clamping systems, as diverse as the inserts available on the market, are available from SCHNEEBERGER: pin, cassette, reference surface and anvil clamping.

Automation with Fanuc robot, 2 to 10 pallets, turning station, cleaning and laser engraving are demonstrated in real time in the robot cell. The ability to work with grinding wheels up to 300 mm in diameter, dressing, wheel probing and now laser control give perfect grinding results.

All these advantages make the Sirius NGS an Olympic-level athlete that you can experience live at EMO.

Visit SCHNEEBERGER until Saturday at the EMO in Hannover, Hall 6, Booth G23.