Transmitted-light camera

30x magnification as standard or optional 100x magnification for small tools or ultra-fine profiles


Simplest and precise positioning of the X- and Z-axis with the joystick.

Incident light camera

Pivoting camera with 2 fixed positions for the measurement of the tool face or the periphery as well as consideration of the tool at all positions in-between.


Directly with the grinding machine and QUINTO Qg1


Tool measurement machine, pre-setting device for grinding wheel package

galileo measures the following dimensions: Tool diameter, cutting length, taper angle, torus radius, corner chamfer, DXF profiles, variable pitch, pitch, cutting angle, clearance angle.

The silhouette of the tool created by turning in the transmitted light process can be compared with the target geometry in the DXF format. All measurement results are clearly displayed on a 20“ monitor.

The scanning software enables any arbitrary profile to be inspected. By overlaying the theoretical profile shape in DXF format, deviations can be displayed graphically and numerically.

Customer-specific measurement logs can be created directly on the GALILEO with the SCHNEEBERGER software. These contain measured values, graphics, tolerance fields, DXF drawings, photos and company logos.

Accessories for individual expansion of the application spectrum and for increasing productivity:

  • Manual tailstock
  • Clamping shaft
  • Hydraulic expansion chuck with reduction sleeve
  • Turning plate holder
  • 3D probe
  • Reduction from ISO 50 to HSK 50, HSK 63, HSK 80, ISO 40

Technical data


X: 300 mm, Vertical column, measurement system resolution 0.001 mm

Z: 250 mm, longitudinal slide, measurement system, resolution 0.001 mm

A: Free rotational movement, ISO 50, measurement system, resolution 0.0001°

highly stable cast base


600 kg

Measurement head:

Diascopic camera with telecentric LED lighting

Episcopic camera with telecentric LED lighting

3D electronic probe (option)

Coarse and fine axes control via joystick