Live from GrindTec, Day 4: And the winner is...

Thank you for visiting us at the show! We are very pleased with the good discussions about your applications and our technologies. The Grinder of the Year competition was a spectacle beyond compare.

The final round of the Tool Grinder of the Year was won by Felix Conrad with a tiny margin over Maximilian Ullermann. Third place goes equally to Fernando Carrascosa Santos and Armin Reich. Congratulations from SCHNEEBERGER to all four participants! In a short time, conical radius-end-mills with chip breaker and external thread were ground. The CNC grinding machine Aries NGP proved its strengths under competition conditions.


The starting signal has been given

Live from GrindTec, Day 3: Competition Tool Grinder of the Year in full swing

In the competition arena at the SCHNEEBERGER booth, the hot phase has begun in the battle for the title Tool Grinder of the Year. The preliminary round has been completed, and in the second part of the competition, the trade magazine Fertigung and the FDPW will select the over-all winner.

Gemini NGM profile grinder precision dynamics and stability

Live from GrindTec, day 2: Gemini NGM as you've never seen it before!

The new profile grinding machine based on Gemini NGM Linear achieves top class accuracy. Thereby a new field of applications gets access to SCHNEEBERGER technology.

Live from GrindTec, Day 1: Norma NGC, the bestseller from SCHNEEBERGER, now with Scara robot

SCHNEEBERGER trade fair highlight 2022: Norma NGC with automation upgrade to Scara technology! The robot with double gripper changes the work piece in 10 seconds. Two pallets ensure sufficient capacity for tool production and professional sharpening.

Your SCHNEEBERGER team is looking forward to real encounters at the Grind Tec in Augsburg, 15 - 18 March

Seven great reasons to visit GrindTec 2022 in Augsburg

Finally, the leading grinding technology show is just around the corner! From March 15 to 18, SCHNEEBERGER shows the latest developments in CNC grinding machines and software.

Maximum focus during training on two Aries NGP Felix Conrad and Armin Reich

Tool Grinder of the Year 2022: Training at SCHNEEBERGER prepares the Participants

The international trade fair GrindTec is the venue for the Tool Grinder of the Year 2022 competition. During three days, all participants were trained in SCHNEEBERGER hard- and software and are now fit for the competition.